iOS 11: Release Date, Best Features, Tips And Guides

You’re likely more than a little curious about what’s new in Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 11.We plan on walking you through how to use the new features in iOS 11 starting now, adding more as we get closer to its official release later this year. Bookmark this page, add it to your home screen, or write it on a sticky note and keep checking back.For an overview of what the new software brings, read: 12 top tricks iOS 11 will bring to your iPhone, iPad.

What’s the release date?

If history repeats itself, Apple will announce iOS 11’s release date during the annual iPhone event in September. According to reports, the event is expected to happen on September 12. In that case, we’ll likely see the iOS 11 update arrive on iPhones the following week. Stay tuned for more details as Apple sends out official invitations for its big event.

How do I download iOS 11?

The final version of iOS 11 isn’t yet available and likely won’t be until mid-September (see above). Until then, you can test drive the new operating system by downloading the public beta.

Want to download the beta? Read this first

Don’t install it on your main device. Right now, the update is still in development, but Apple has released it as a public beta for those who love living on the cutting edge. As tempting as it may be, take our advice and don’t install it on your primary phone. No, really. It can cause all sorts of problems.

Here’s more info — our attempt at persuasion — should you still feel the need to install iOS 11 on your daily device.Fine, install it, but remember you’ve been warned. Signing up and installing the public beta is really simple. Follow along as Matt Elliot walks you through installing the iOS 11 public beta.